Illustration for the advertising of the famous boat race.

Illustration for a contest in regards to win the identity of the "Route du Rhum" advertising.

Title: La Route du Rhum 2018

Type: Illustration

Client: OC Sport Pen Duick

Tools: Illustrator

Year: 2017

Main Poster Horizontal

I tried to represent a dream full of emotions, exotism and courage.

I took the main boat as reference (trimaran) to illustrate the racer alone in the sea.

The ocean has always been an enigma for the human being, a source of curiosity, fear, and attraction despite ourselves.

Seeing an endless ocean-going person, ready to push his limits, and ready to challenge those of nature, is inspiring.

We see in these people the heroes of a generation, the pushers of technology limits to reach new horizons.

For most people, the ocean is scary, it becomes the companion of travel of these navigators of the Route du Rhum. This is the direction I aimed.

Mockups Enveloppes

We thought of a lot of goodies that could allow to put a specific picture of the race in the head of all spectators, that will remain some time, for the better.

Mockups Enveloppes

All of these goodies can be offered to spectators and/or bought to keep the race in mind.

Mockups Enveloppes