Campaign about raising awareness of the negative effects of the smartphone on social relationships.

Project for school competition (IESA multim├ędia). Brief was to sensitize generation Y about dangers of smartphone. Mission was to make a digital campaign. My team agency was Savyy, we finished #1.

Title: Smartphamily

Project: Campaign

Tools: Photoshop - Illustrator

Role: Art Director - UI/UX Designer

Team: Savvy


Our concept was based on an Artificial Intelligence. Meet Henry !

Henry will ask you some questions to define what's best for your children. Then you'll just have to follow its instructions.
We made a lot of UX researchs about politic, way of life, food, and hobbies, to make Henry the most accurate possible.

You can meet Henry here :

We made a full responsive app which works on any device, adapted to each.

Uses are differents depending of the device you're on. We took this argument in consideration while developing, and chosed to make some changes "device dependant".

Make it work here :


We had to make people believe that our app was not fake. So we made a website that you can't make joke about.

We created a webdesign very similar to start-ups, very dynamic and colorfull. We tried to put as many details as we could.

Discover it here :